This photo looks a lot more official than it is

I’m Mateo. A writer. Adventurer. And lover of all travel (especially inside of who we all are).

I left my amazing NYC job back in August 2016 to spend some quality time with myself, travel and write. I finished my first novel in October 2016, and am in the process of getting an agent (if you know someone, ping me!). In the meantime, I continue to travel as much as possible, write about it and do some consulting when I can to financially support the journey.

SwagPapi started out as a bunch of things. A place for me to vomit all of my thoughts on travel, sales, startups and more. But, as time went on, it began to take on a new shape and I found the most joy in chronicling my adventures in story form both long and short. That’s not to say that you may not encounter or post or two that falls outside of that scope; you certainly will.

My stories, unless otherwise stated, are true, elaborate and typically extremely detailed. The goal is to share my adventures with you (especially those into myself), and inspire you to go on your own journeys whether it’s to a neighboring town or country halfway around the world where you don’t speak a lick of their language and they don’t speak yours. We’re all human and contain the ability to convey humanity to others, and I do my best to express this fact in everything I write.

Thank you for joining me along for the journey; it’s going to be a bumpy one – make sure to strap your seatbelt in here.


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